PokemonGo Fest – Chicago 2019 – Day 2

Saturday, Day 2 in Chicago was the actual event. We spent all day – all day – catching Pokémon and wandering around Grant Park. Fortunately, I’d visited Grant Park the year before, so at least things look familiar. There was a tremendous amount of people in attendance. It’s an annual event and the tickets were fairly exclusive, but I wasn’t prepared for the crowd that amassed that day. Instead of being overwhelmed, though, it felt warm to be part of something so large. And surprisingly, the park was so well laid out that there was never a time without room. It was an amazing event, and I’m so glad I got to share it with one of the biggest PokeNerds I know. The one damn thing we didn’t get was a picture together.

A list of noteworthy things (not in any order):

  • Caught hella shinies
  • Got into a “discussion” about the swag line with an event coordinator, whom I promptly disregarded like everyone else and got some great swag
  • Saw PokeCelebs like MYSTIC7, BrandonTan91, and Zoey2dots.
  • Got thrown out of the park (along with everyone else in attendance) for severe weather
  • Walked a total of 18km that day
  • Traded for my first ever luck boi
  • Promptly regretted the trade (shadow ball mewtwo, what was I thinking??)
  • Got a pic with BranTan
  • Hung out with Allison all day, and we got to fangirl about everything going on
  • Different biomes through out the park that were decorated and it was adorable.My favorites  were the spooky forest (halloween decorations everywhere) and the fairy garden (bubbles blowing)
  • Got kicked out of a local pub, as it reached maximum capacity while we were all looking for shelter
  • Free pizza slice
  • Meeting that super nice lady in line I bought a t-shirt for and then bumbling around trying to find her after we got separated
  • Pokemon cosplays (why didn’t I think of this??


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