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HTGSD Chapter Three

Falconer, Erin. How to Get Sh*t Done. New York, NY: Gallery Books, 2018. 82.

Name some yes scenarios you’ve found yourself in.

  • Cleaning up other’s AOs or FSIs, as they didn’t do it
  • Cleaning up other’s TOT, as they didn’t do it
  • Being volunteered for the Safety Committee
  • Leading the Orientations for new hires
  • Leading the EOD announcements for new hires
  • Taking on another half-department

Name at least three things you’d like to say no to.

  • Orientation materials
  • EOD announcements for new hires
  • Cleaning up others’ administrative duties

Write a couple of lines about how you’ll say no to these things next time they come up.

  • I’ve already said “no” to the EOD materials. I’ve even gotten the partnering department to create a rotation schedule so that we’re all treated fairly (and so that I’m not publicly shamed again in front of my peers).
  • Cleaning up other’s administrative duties is not part of my assigned tasks, reduces my ability to execute and engage my team. I will ask my senior to communicate with the other shifts’ seniors to understand why their associates are behind in clearing their assignments so that we are not constantly forced to bridge their shortcomings.

Take note of how often you say sorry on a given day. What were you apologizing for?

I counted about 25-30 in one shift. I was mostly using “sorry” as a beginning to soften my upcoming words. Also when moving in front of people – why am I apologizing for coming out of the bathroom and simply occupying space?

Name at least three of the shoulds you’ve felt in the past week. What would have happened if you hadn’t done these things?

  • Go to the gym
  • Participate in PokemonGo Community Day
  • Talk with every person on my team, say good morning
  • Talk with my Senior and reset our first interaction (it. was. bad.)
  • Call E / Julie and catch up with them
  • Call Xany and check on her
  • Stop spending any and all money so that I can save for my DC trip / move to Nashville
  • Hurry up and pay off all my credit cards
  • Make a doctors appointment
  • Make an optometrist appointment
  • Renew my student loan payment plan
  • Be a more exciting person
  • Make myself more available to dating
  • Get out more, do things
  • Be writing more, creating stories and comics
  • Be crafting more (literally anything)
  • Read more (GOT ain’t gonna finish itself!)
  • Take it upon myself to learn a skill or take a class
  • Not want things I can’t yet have
  • Learn how to wear make up better
  • Get over myself
  • Figure out what breaking my lease is going to cost me
  • Narrow down the possibilities of where to live in Nashville
  • Downsize my belongings
  • Get some new clothes
  • Design my next tattoo
  • Eat better / pack my lunches / cook more at home
  • Play WOW with my brother
  • Get up earlier so I can do fun things before work
  • Begin my weight-lifting journey
  • Blog more / come up with ideas for the blog
  • Join meet up but then actually use it to go to events and meet new people

2 thoughts on “HTGSD Chapter Three”

  1. That is an overwhelming list of “shoulds”. Yikes. Listing them all out like that seems really intimidating, but I think the most important part of that question is the second half – what is going to happen if you don’t do them? I used to also have a very long list, with A LOT of similarities to yours, it gets really exhausting trying to do all the things you “should” do (my friend Mary always used to tell me “stop shoulding on yourself”) Hopefully as you work through the book, that list will get shorter and more manageable!


    1. I laughed at “shoulding on yourself.” I’m going to have to keep that in my pocket.

      Listing them out was helpful, though. I know I’m stressed out a lot, but it was good to sit down and figure out what exactly was stressing me out.

      Thank you for your continued support, Krista. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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