Book Review

August 2019 Reads

The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle – Stuart Turton

This novel blends sci-fi time travel and astral projection with a murder mystery dinner party. I listened via audible, and it’s well paced in order to keep a listener engaged without being too detail-oriented to lose whole plot points on my morning commute.

More than just a “Freaky Friday” Lindsay Lohan special, this novel was particularly intriguing due to how the consciousness inhabited its various hosts. The protagonist body-hops through several party goers, wrestling not only with their relationship to other characters unknown to the body-hopper, but now the two personalities clashing within the one body. Some are more malicious, some meek, thoughts and drives the protagonist can feel, some he fights to overcome.

On a completely separate journey, Aiden struggles to determine Self and weaves his own personality from the frayed cloths forced upon him. I hadn’t encountered a narrative that struggled with the existing personality of its host, so it was a devious twist.

4/5 Fiction.

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