Book Review

How I Rate Book Spotlights

All interests and genres are subjective, sure. But I’d like to explain my ranking system because I don’t just willy-nilly go around giving everything a review. I’ve got a rule system, of course. It’s just another unnecessary way for me to express my ability to turn a fun pastime into an exercise in control-freakness.

(insert awkward laughter)

What book reviews aren’t: an overview of the plot and characters. However, I will provide a “synopsis in under 100” to give an idea of the overall without basically ruining the plot so newcomers have nothing else to uncover. I abhor spoilers. I’m sincerely going to be as vague and “in-my-own-words” as possible, you’ll hate it.

(insert more awkward laughter) Ah, good times… right.

So the rankings are as follows:

1 Star – Total waste of time and I didn’t finish the book. Something about it lost me: a loose plot, poor characters, or a writing style I didn’t connect with.

2 Star – Somehow I finished this book, but I didn’t gain much beyond the feeling of accomplishing the task. This book will add little to your life.

3 Star – Entertaining for what it was. I do not regret spending the hours of my life on this piece. Sturdy enough for me to be proud of accomplishing the read and hearty enough to reflect on.

4 Star – This is a good book. The writing style, the plot, the characters and dialogue, and world building are all solid. Can we please talk about these books? These are good books!

5 Star – This is the upper-echelon of books, very rare. So rare, in fact, you’re probably like, “Come on Mal, you’re underrating some damn good pieces of literature out there, and you need to re-evaluate your scale, shame on you!” But these aren’t just popular NYT Bestsellers. In some way, these books have impacted my perspective on life and have genuinely impacted who I am.

I have a skewed scale, I can own that. But taking into consideration how I’m rating my reads can help others better understand whether or not a book is worth them checking out for themselves.

(shrug) Everyone’s a critic.

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