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2021 List of Firsts

Frankly, my enthusiasm for 2021 is far less than it was about this time last year. However, in order to prove to myself that life is worth living simply for the stories, I will continue to document the first experiences as they come.

– Witnessed and attack on the nation’s Capitol building [Post]
– I know a murderer now? Patric Ferguson’s story [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6]
– Not being present for a nephew’s birth [Post]
– Completing a full D&D character bio [Post]

– Enjoyed the icy/snowy weather as an adult [Post]
– Writing my first D&D campaign (WIP) [Post]
– Bought a self-help book [Post]
– Used a mouth guard overnight
– Downloaded Instagram [Post]
– First time on my patio since moving in (over a year now)
– Snow angel as an adult
– Ami’s first time in the snow (she was sad and confused)
– Roof collapsing from snow [Post]

– Reddit link I shared was deleted
– Out in public-public during pandemic (bad, I know)
– Riding in a Tesla
– Went to Red Door and 3 Crows Bar
– On a PIP for work
– Scored “needs improvement” on my yearly evaluation for work
– Felt genuinely happy and comfortable that my brother is marrying Bria (look, it took a while and a few outings, but we finally got there)
– Purchased from Boohoo for the first time [Post]
– Purchased from Shein for the first time [Post]

– Found my first (and then several more) grey hairs [Post]
– First week-long vacation while in my current role (we launched Oct. 2019)
– Bought my first issue of The Atlantic magazine
– Cleaning vacuum spindle (gross, but necessary!)
– Played Easter Bunny and delivered baskets and hid eggs for the niece and nephew (so cute!)
– Bought a plant for my living space

– Wore a tanktop as a shirt in public
– Jobless for a length of time

– Killed a plant in my living space
– Bought, prepared, and consumed my first pineapple
– Drove a sit-down PIT
– Virtual concert (BTS)
– Hooked up speakers to laptop (didn’t know it could do that!)
– Multiple body parts pierced in a single setting
– New record for total piercings in one setting (4)
– Went to a tattoo shop by myself for my own appointment
– Spent a month’s rent worth on nerd shit
– Know my neighbor’s name and had an actual conversation with them
– “TT made me buy it”
– Dialed 911 fr fr

– Brother confronted my about my self-deprecating and “42” jokes.
– Trying pupusas
– Googling “anal prolapse” because I was basically dying
– Drunken, head-banger of a party alone in my kitchen while frying potatoes
– Stood up to Earnest, blocked his number, and deleted that number (no more “zzz not again” whatever; he’s gone-gone!)
– Watched a live YouTube Premier (BTS’s “Permission to Dance” MV)
– Witnessed a PIT falling out of a building at work
– Witnessed an even dumber situation involving PIT to correct the first PIT at work
– Unloaded a paper load and used forklift extenders
– Whole head professionally bleached (and spent 10 hours getting it done, no lie)
– Car flooded and I nearly ran off the road during a rainstorm
– Visited a brick-and-mortar KPop Shop K-pop N’ More
– Photocard trading event (though I was not prepared to participate that day)
– Boba
– In a bridal shop (for my mom’s mother-of-the-groom dress shopping)
– Purchased furniture to be delivered to my house
– Bought multiple versions of the same album (about that K-Pop life)

– Purchased a photocard from a FB trade group (re: about that life now)
– Posted a product question on (can’t run from the machine)
– Broke a heel off a shoe
– Bought multiple copies of multiple versions of the same album (re: re: that life)
– First nephew’s first day of kindergarten
– Filing a formal complaint over an overtly sexist conversation in the workplace
– Tickets to first K-Pop artist (Monsta X – Feb 2022 – so stoked)

*Although the hiatus was happening online, offline I was very much active in jotting down my first experiences. I’ve copied over the notes on my phone and will work to write posts for each story worth telling.


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