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Patric Ferguson, Part 3: Spinning a Theory

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Some unknown developments are turning Patric’s case into something like a true-crime NCIS episode. Per his lawyer’s advice, he will be pleading not guilty to the murder of Robert Howard and the Ferguson family has lawyered UP.

“As is shown so many times, stories are not always what they originally seem to be. There are almost always two very different sides of a story.” – Lauren Fuchs, Attorney 

So alright, let’s spin some theory:

There’s a third party involved that we don’t know about yet. Let’s just call them the Memphis Mob because everyone like alliteration and to be fair, it’s where I’m headed.

Joshua Rogers’s fb post refers to the situation as “life or death,” and that he “had to do what he had to do to survive and make it out alive.” I refer to Roger’s post on part two, and I have to admit my initial assumption was that Rogers was referring to his dealings with Patric. I mean, why else would a guy be coerced into helping hide a body in the middle of the night? I love my people, but no level of friendship could spur this level of loyalty from me (just a head’s up). So let’s say Rogers was also involved somehow with the Memphis Mafia, and that by acting together Rogers and Patric were protecting each other from the MM.

But what drives their dealings with the MM? The easiest motive to swallow is drug-related activities. Quick money, easy and consistent market, got a cop on the inside, and a few nondescript beat guys pushing product. Y’know, the usual network television plot point characters. Most folks have seen Breaking Bad (brilliant, by the way), and hell even I was like “Why do I clock in everyday!?” at one point. “Oh, right… the violence, yeah, I’m a bitch.” And continued to clock in.

Let’s just go with the drug theory for now: a predictable market made even more predictable by having a cop on the payroll. This is in no way a value judgement. I don’t believe in the “war on drugs” or that drugs are an inherently evil thing. Mostly, I believe the whole thing is a racist, classist distraction, but that’s for later, we’re spinning a theory web here. So we got a cop on the payroll that is:

a. informed of Memphis PD drug surveillance and is valuable to the Memphis Mafia for information,
b. can protect his buyers to a certain extent by turning a blind eye while on duty and/or influencing his coworkers to do the same and/or distract his coworkers to do the same and is valuable to the Memphis Mafia for upholding their cash flow, and
c. can fly under the radar with little to no detection so long as he moves quickly and smartly in his department.

Now this theory isn’t too outrageous considering that Michael Rallings, the department director of MPD reports the department was in the process of firing him. For what, the public doesn’t know right now, but it does lend some weight to the “crooked cop” scenario. Perhaps Patric wasn’t moving as quickly or smartly as he thought?

What do we know about this Joshua Rogers? Mostly just that he owns a car. However, he also has no violent criminal background, according to one news outlet. In theory, Rogers was the clean guy – the guy who, if caught, didn’t have any priors and could be back on the beat again and doing MM’s work (as seen by his near immediate bail posting just days after the arrest).

Which leaves the last main character – Robert Howard himself. Unfortunately, all we really know about him comes from the family he left behind. If you’ve ever been to a funeral and heard an eulogy, you know no one’s gonna speak ill of their dead. Additionally, many times people genuinely can’t see the negative in people they love. So to them, a dispute over a woman is more aligned with their idea of Howard than perhaps anything more sinister.

What’s interesting is that the news outlets aren’t being their usual racist selves and trying to convince us that Howard, or Patric, or Rogers are “thugs” or involved in a “gang-related” whatever resulting in the death of another reprobate or some other obvious mild slur. Nor is Howard’s personal business or social media posts being dug up from years and years ago and then aired for the world to dispute. No one’s trying to convince us that Patric is somehow still a decent police officer, despite this “unfortunate event” that might be a “setback” in his “otherwise promising career.”

Secondary theory: this could still be powerful race politics at play.

Anyways, back to the point – Howard went missing on January 5th, and it’s hard to find anything about who he was as a person from Nashville, with absolutely zero contacts. I may know the guy to the 9th or 10th degree of Kevin Bacon, but I’m not a real writer and don’t think it’s right of me to try to dig through real people now trying to live their lives post this event. I’m an asshole, but I do have limits.

One person no one is talking about is Tanita Dames, the woman for whom the murder took place – allegedly. Granted, she’s probably out of the public eye for her own protection and for the protection of the case itself, but Dames was also a cop. I don’t think it’s crazy to say that she could’ve been involved with the Memphis Mafia herself. I mean, what’s better than one dirty cop? Two. All I’m saying is, she’s been swiftly and completely left out of all the narratives, not even a public statement on her own behalf. She’s involved in the case more than we’re allowed to know at this time.

In Summary:

If I am to continue to believe that Patric is a good person caught in some extremely unrighteous shit, I have to put that to the front and assert there’s an alternative motive than the jealous ex-boyfriend story. The only explanation I have currently is a third character that has yet to be revealed, a sort of puppet master. If I’m also going to continue to believe Patric isn’t as stupid as the initial reports make him out to be, I also have to believe Howard’s murder was haphazard and compulsory, not of Patric’s planning. Otherwise, Patric was supposed to get caught, and that’s a whole separate can of worms.

I’m genuinely happy to hear that Patric’s lawyers and family are demanding more investigation into this case. Hopefully, more will be revealed before the preliminary hearings of Patric (Feb. 4) and Rogers (March), because I don’t know if I can stand to wait that long, honestly. According to the Commercial Appeal, “The Feb. 4 preliminary hearing aims to determine whether the prosecution has enough probable cause for the criminal case to proceed. It is common at preliminary hearings for the prosecution to present at least some of the witnesses who would later appear at trial.” I assert Dames will be one of them.

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