Creative Writing: Dungeons and Dragons Style

As I steep in the world of D&D, absorbing everything I can, I’m finding myself frustrated that I have no one to share these things with. There is my brother, and I definitely don’t want to discount him. However, with two younglings and a fresh baby coming any day now (we’re all extremely excited, clutching our seats), he and I don’t have a whole lot of sibling hang out time.

We nerd out for sure, and D&D is always a major topic – we swap ideas for homebrews and share the bio updates for our characters for our upcoming campaign.

But I’ve gotten to where I now have to force my ideas out into the public. I’m sorry, but you guys and gals will just have to circumnavigate the D&D flavored posts if it’s not your thing. Or! if you find yourself sucked into it via some unseen gravitational force, I always welcome feedback on my writing style and tone. I genuinely want to get better as a writer and develop a sense of Self.

For those of whom it is your thing: I enthusiastically welcome coaching on game mechanics, lore, worldbuilding, writing as a DM/GM, play, all of it. I’ve literally never played D&D before, but I’m over here building a world in my head and plotting some nasty trenches for potential future heroes nonetheless.

I modeled my character and her hometown loosely in Scottish culture and lore, but set her in a nearly totalitarian society. I, however, am partial to the Norse pantheon. Please, for the love of all that is holy, if there’s something amiss (I’m using google translate and my general knowledge, okay?), correct me. The absolute last thing I want this character to be is offensive or disrespectful in any way.

Without further ado, may I present for your severe and public scrutiny, my Dwarven Ranger character: Ròc McGlainne.

*Art will follow, don’t rush me.

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