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Ròc McGlainne: Clan Lore and Family Structure

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Ròc McGlainne (MCGLAINNE: OF GLASS), in particular, was born into a family of glassblowers, window makers, and mirror curers. The McGlainne clan is a proud and profitable clan patronized especially by the city’s wealthy who desire the McGlainne’s ornate glass beads to adorn their beards and publicly flaunt their wealth via fashion.

The McGlainne clan is not one of the large clans of the Geata Salainn (EAST GATE). In fact, it is laughably small in comparison to most clans, even for Geata Salainn. However, as a guild-clan, the McGlainnes are revered for their intricate beads famous throughout A’chiad Bhaile, and the clan’s small number heighten the luxury of this particular ware. They have no real rival in the city for their beard adornments, though several other families sell their own products as far and as wide.

The McGlainne beads are the top status symbol for its wearer. Much like a clan’s kilt design, it is a social marker that “brands” the wearer into their position of the economic and social hierarchy. Everyone that’s anyone prominently displays McGlainne-pulled beads – some with multiple beads at once, bordering on garish. Several generations back (meaning eons ago), due to the clan’s incredible popularity and skill, they were thought to be made from the sands itself, their blood assumed to contain as much grit as wine by their high caliber patrons. As the joke continued to gain popularity, the McGlainne clan officially changed their surname to “Glainne,” the members of which became known as “McGlainne,” or “of glass.” The McGlainnes themselves have no recollection of what their surname was before the change, and no one in A’CHIAD BHAILE seeks the answer either; thus solidifying McGlainne wares as the epitome and definition of glass finery.

The Working-Age McGlainnes are Ròc’s immediate family members:

Dubh McGlainne (father) – current Mhaighstir Glainne (MASTER OF GLASS); oversees all direct forging and the kilns, gives the last word on finished products, wears the family crest ring for imprinting on each completed project. Completes a fair amount of projects, but is relying more on sons and daughter to produce most of the wares. He still completes the majority of the beard beads, though his daughter quickly became an equal.

Eun Òran McGlainne (mother) – oversees the orders and customer relations, she has no real creative ability for glass, but can do wonders with conversation. She is the face at the store counter. Maiden name: Cearcan (POULTRY), her family raised feathered livestock and most women of the clan are named after beautiful birds, in Eun Òran’s case, “SONGBIRD,” as she was always well-groomed and talkative.

Oidhche McGlainne (older brother) – produces the majority of stained glass pieces and a few bead designs, though he is not the best at bead fabrication.

SELF – produces many beard bead projects, significantly more than brother but less than father. However, is not absolutely captivated by the work itself like the rest of the clan, and much to the dismay of the whole. Provides all bead designs as the foremost creative in the family. She spends an unusual amount of time away from the kilns in the woods, preferring the daylight-dappled forests to the smoke-ridden kiln. If only she’d dedicate herself to the clan’s work, she could be the next bead master. Ròc “RAVEN” was so named in the tradition of her mother’s clan, dark and methodical.

Sòbhrach McGlainne (younger brother) – oversees the orders and customer relations with their mother, crap at design and even worse at fabrication. He can only cure mirrors, is not allowed to touch bead sand. His uncreative mind is somewhat a shame to the father, though that sentiment is not felt by the entire family as he is still important and hardworking. However, he’s resentful and his father’s inability to publicly take pride in his accomplishments.

The Elder McGlaines are just three:

(GRANDMOTHER) – Father’s mother; as the former Mhaighstir Glainne (MASTER OF GLASS) during her working time in the family, she conducts all family social and political affairs as Laird and clan McGlainne representative. This is so her son-in-law may focus on clan priorities and ensure the consistency and quality of wares.

(GREAT AUNT) – Mother’s aunt; oversees all family needs outside the business. Has nothing to do with creative design or glass work as she was raised a farm hand.

(GREAT UNCLE) – Mother’s uncle; oversees day-to-day shopkeeping and non-inventory procurement while keeping the quarterly books for the family business. Has nothing to do with creative design or glass working as he was raised a farmhand; never enjoyed husbandry and is glad to be done with it.


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