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Patric Ferguson, Part 4: Waiting

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I noticed today that Patric’s fb page was down – this is definitely for the best. It keeps snoops like me from milling around and stirring up trouble. I’m sure it’s also a comfort to the family to have it suspended at this time. I couldn’t imagine. I mean, even I reached out to Patric’s brother via fb, there’s no telling what sort of hellish thunderstorm they’re living through right now.

His brother did respond to my fb message, by the way. Although I didn’t outright deserve his politeness, it was short and sweet, just how I remember our interactions always were. “Please just keep us lifted.” There’s not a damn thing I can do for them, but I surely can send positive vibes their way.

It’s killing me not having updates. Yes, I check via the channels I can, though I’ve been less consistent about it since the preliminary hearing date was set. I mean, there’s really no update to the public and everything will be kept under wraps until the case is made. So I haven’t been hitting the refresh button like I was the first few days. There’s really no telling when his fb page went down, I suspect well over a week ago, probably the first handful of days. I’m sure that’s a comfort to the family.

February 4 will be the preliminary hearings. That’s just court space for the case to be made against the defendant. A round of “what-if” played between attorneys in which the judge will rule whether or not this trial has enough evidence to stand trial. The public will only be privy to so much, I suspect.

The pacing for this is excruciating. Then again, I am the type of person that will wait an entire year to see a show at my own pace. The only thing I’ve ever watched organically on tv are sitcoms like King of the Hill, Modern Family, the Simpsons, etc. They’re shows that don’t so much have a seasonal Arc and they’re designed to be picked up whenever you catch them. But this is a whole new experience for me – waiting for information like this. I hate it.

 I couldn’t imagine what it’s like for the family or close friends during this time. All we can do is comfort them in the capacity we can. I’ve offered my “thoughts and prayers,” so it’s what I’m doing.

I definitely believe the case will stand trial. I mean, there’s more than enough evidence against Patric, as I’ve listed in the first post. And that’s all it takes – to prove there is a case. Then the defense gets into action. Granted, the defense is already working, but I assume their part in the preliminary will be more brief. They wouldn’t offer up every piece of evidence working towards Patric’s innocence just to give the prosecution more time to strategize, would they?

What I am more interested to hear is the reasoning behind the not-guilty plea. I’ve already made my speculations, for however “Lifetime Original Movie” they sound. It’s particularly curious to me because of Patric’s original confession. But then I snooped around and there are plenty of false confessions or confessions under pressure. I want to wholeheartedly believe that Patric is innocent, but I’m also a skeptic in every facet of life. I have to let this play out in due process.

I wonder how long this will drag out? How long do court cases usually drag out? I mean, I used to be pre-law, and you see where it’s gotten me – wishing I had stuck with law. There are a lot of questions and zero answers, and it’s maddening.

I’ve seen a lot of movies, though, so perhaps the silver lining is that while we stand by, others are bustling. Although the public as well as Patric and his family are left to wait, there are teams of people working and gathering and interviewing and hustling. They need that time to build the best possible case for Patric. Unfortunately, our circumstances are vastly different – Patric’s in maximum security, his family is in mourning, and the public continues with their day to day. However we’re dealing with it, we all have the burden of waiting.

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