Slice of Life

One More Crab in the Tree

Maddox DeWayne Crabtree has entered the building!

A very happy delivery came to our family today in the form of a 3.3kg weird, alien-looking, blobby pink thing just yesterday morning. My mother is beside herself with joy and I believe only deep cleaning every surface of my brother’s house made her feel like she was putting all that emotion to use. Meanwhile, I was mostly on baby duty.

Having a quarantine kid definitely changes a few things. For one, this is the first baby Bria’s had for which we weren’t present in the room. For obvious reasons, but damn. It’s throwing us off, not having held Maddox yet. I was like the fifth person in the whole world to hold Myra (doctor, nurse, Bria, Matthew, then me). And whenever they get to leave the hospital, I’ll get to see the baby through the front window of their porch. I’m not willing to risk anything happening.

Even the house has been evacuated. Mom scrubbed down most of the surfaces, and it’ll be idle for about 48 hours until Bria is released, plenty of time for most of any potential germs to die out. Yeah, we’ve thought this trough.

Mason’s gonna be pissed as he gets older; his birthday is the 26th! Nah, it’s the extended family’s duty to make each child feel special and significant on their birthday. I.e., with the power invested in me by the questionable realm of Aunt-dom, I hereby ensure there will never be a combined birthday party. To this is do solemnly swear.

All I know is January 29, 2021 was a big day for the Crabtree Clan.

Hm. I’m also just realizing I’m not entirely sure how they’re spelling his name… Well, here’s to best guesses!


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