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Patric Ferguson, Part 5: No News is Good News?

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There’s literally only two news outlets with any information at all, and it’s literally nothing worth writing home about. Needless to say: huge bummer.

In summary:

The defense team waived the preliminary hearing. Didn’t know they could do that since it’s the prosecution that has to build the case against the defendant and prove it’s a real case? But there was some evidence provided by the prosecution, presumably outside/before the preliminary hearing. So now the case is going to a county grand jury, still on a not-guilty plea.

“If the grand jury indicts Ferguson, his case will be handled in the Shelby County Criminal Court system, she said. That’s the court that usually handles the area’s most serious state criminal cases.”

The Commercial Appeal

Aaaaand…. That’s it. Guy’s just gonna sit in jail for an unpublished amount of time with a court date for who knows when in the future, and that’s … it.

This really burns my biscuits, y’all. In my mind, there would’ve been something!? But again: just two news articles about it, that’s how little-to-nothing happened. And now that there’s no telling when any of this will see headlines again, what are we supposed to do on the sidelines?

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