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FFS – Torrid Haul 2/20/21

From Stygian Siren’s post “Goth Plus Size Buying Guide,” I found out that Torrid was once HotTopic’s daughter department for Plus Sizes and that delights me to no end. Just kinda reaffirms to me that I’ve always been into the punk/goth aesthetic, even while not outright knowing it. That being said, I’m perfectly fine with throwing money at HotTopic Co., it’s classic (even if it doesn’t cater to fat folks in-store).

Totally related: Stygian Siren is a fat goth icon and I absolutely love everything she does. So much love, in fact, that she was the tipping point for me to just take a deep breath and down load IG. There wasn’t a whole lot offered by way of blogs (I’m still looking, so please correct me if I’m wrong!), but I knew insta would be the great visual motherload. Basically, Siren’s a badass worth looking into.

Since I discovered Torrid a few years ago, it’s changed its vibe quite a bit. It’s gotten supper frilly and super flowery, but I don’t mind that so much. It’s changed to accommodate a larger market while still offering comfortable, well-made clothes. I have zero complaints.

One can still scroll through and find great items regardless of your style. As I was lying in bed, unable to go anywhere due to the ice/snowstorm here in Nashville, I got a few things while using my birthday bonus bucks!

I’ll be trying out the other sites/brand Stygian Siren suggests on her blog as I can.

A few things discovered:

  1. Something’s wrong with me when I comes to black/white/red plaid (especially buffalo) that I’m not willing to address. I’m just going to allow the obsession to take its course. It’s also why the banner is black/red buffalo plaid. I can’t… we’re not gonna talk about it.
  2. I’m a casual person, but I’m also trying to be conscious of my “professional” wardrobe and spring for pieces that double up (because I’m also poor).
  3. Purses and shoes are my weakness. This started about a year ago, but got’dang!


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