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Sunday Sundries – 2/21/21

No work calls meant a hefty withdraw from my knitting project.

I’m cracking up a little bit. I’m thinking about going back to the gym, pandemic be damned. I mean, so long as I vigorously wipe everything down before use (and after, I’m not an animal) I should be good, right? People usually keep a healthy distance in the gym even before the pandemic.
I need a schedule.
I crave structure.

We actually closed for four whole days due to the icy weather. In truth, it was the right call. But I’ve never heard of the warehouses in Nashville closing due to weather. Not only is it unexpected, I’m not wasting a single second of this priceless, golden age of sleeping in and being worry free! With a 7-day operation, even my “off days” consist of worrying about work. This is the first time in months I can be genuinely worry free!

First day back to work three people, unrelated, told me how great I looked. I’m not being braggy, it’s just that this never happens to me. So it’s gotta mean something. Having a set schedule, eating well (and three times a day), sleeping without drugs, overnight mouth guard. There’s something to having a less stress and healthier balance. I need to look into this, especially since I’m fairly certain I’m on the cusp of getting fired.

Mental Health
Huge turn around on the 15th via some introspection. I got to talk to several of my good friends who I’ve been neglecting, and just having them over the phone buoyed my spirits.

I’m also working on a cathartic post or two, probably on the lines of letting go and mental health. Apparently, if I notice a thing is lingering on my mind for several weeks, it means it’s bothering me. Who knew!?

Invested in a self-help book (I know, I’m cringing as well). I’ve decided to call it a self-reflection workbook. It sounds a. more believable, b. less sad, and c. more active and assertive than “self-help” (i.e., I don’t have to hear myself eye-roll at my own choices). I’m looking forward to receiving this book in the mail, honestly. I wish I could’ve gotten it before the ice out and had a change to dig into it when I was at a low-stress point in life. But here we are.

Finished I’m Thinking of Ending Things, a quick read in a genre I normally don’t go for. I’ll be dropping all the book reviews in a few days. There’s kind of a lot this month. I don’t read quick, but I’m lumping everything on one day, and it seems more than it is. Ha!

The people in my apartment complex have been completely closed off from the main roads due to the ice and snow. We haven’t been able to get paper mail let along the crazy number of books I… maybe purchased…

Elminster: The Making of a Mage by Ed Greenwood (FR: Elminster #1)
Realms of Infamy by James Lowder, et al (FR: Anthologies #2)
Realms of the Arcane by Brian M. Thomsen, et al (FR: Anthologies #5)
Existentialism from Dostoevsky to Sartre by Walter Kaufmann
The Stanger by Albert Camus trans. Matthew Ward
Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, trans. Larissa Volokhonsky

I was at the bookstore the other day, wallowing in my old age. I’m hyperbolic, of course, but birthdays are a fairly somber affair for me. Anyways, I was having an existential crisis of sorts, so I pulled a few stoic and existential texts off the shelves. I think I ought to know more about these topics and need something to challenge my thoughts. I get zero intellectual engagement throughout the week. WordPress has become my social media platform of choice. I’ll let that sink in.

Studying French
I have no excuse, honestly. Again, I need structure and I need to be held responsible! I have zero self discipline.
*This is why people buy teachers and personal trainers, let’s be honest.

Planning Trip to Europe
This is has been put on a hard pause. I don’t know how long the hiatus will go on for, but I’m still funneling monies into my savings until I decide between a trip to Europe or putting a down payment on a house. Tough call, honestly. But it doesn’t stop me from saving money, I guess.

Total antithesis of the above, I’m still spending money. Ha

I got a few things from Torrid, taking advantage of my “birthday cash,” and why not. I want to punk-up my wardrobe (though I go nowhere with no one and nothing), and the blog’s got a new facet. But it’s an exciting deviation and I’m just going with it.

I finally received my desk in the mail! Those poor delivery people, it’s heavy. And poor me! After moving about 400 XL boxes myself at work, I had to get it inside and slide it on the floor. I’m still sore, no lie. I’m excited to get the desk together, but I have to decide about my dinning room table. I’ve officially outgrown this 1b 1bth apartment and it’s time to looks for somewhere else to go. Or wait for a house. Or move. Dammit! It’s times like this I wish I had a partner, y’know?

Family News
The awning on the back of my parents’ house, over the patio collapsed from the weight of the snow. I’ve heard this can happen, but I’ve actually never known anyone to whom it’s happened. My brother and his family were staying at their house as the pipes in my brother’s house froze. It was a matter of time with that old, no-insulation having ass house. But I digress. Everyone’s given me their version of the story.

They all heard it creaking, and my dad made the decision to go move the motorcycle from the patio. From the time it took to get out there and remove the bike’s cover, the awning gave way.

Everyone inside the house freaked and ran to the back. My dad was standing the driveway, totally fine. And thank the gods! Something like that would be the end of my old man.

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