Slice of Life

Small World, Funny Stories

I’m so happy to be a bride’s maid for Bria and be involved in my brother’s wedding. Honestly, it was a rocky road getting here. At one point, I had to flat-out ask him if he even wanted me there. Long story, dramatic, two years ago, not so relevant anymore.

Anyways, as the months are plodding along, gaining ground on October, they’re starting to reach out and organize their crews. Bria started a fb message group to keep her folks informed. Awesome. I know her sister will be the maid of honor, myself, and a few of her cousins making up the party. Of course, there was dress talk, color scheme, posting links, all that good stuff. Then Bria started a text group just in case fb wasn’t everyone’s social media platform of choice (it’s not mine, and I was super happy when she started the text group).

I’m so happy to see things coming together for them and to just be involved. I didn’t expect to be in the wedding – I would’ve totally been thrilled just to be the midnight crew assembling thank you gift bags, or hot gluing center pieces, or the one wielding the emergency sewing kit. I would’ve settled for “designated thank you card addresser and stamp putter onner” post-ceremony. I was so stoked things were becoming real I didn’t take not of the bubbles in the group text bubble.

Y’know that little bubble with the other bubbles that one iOS update made that signifies a mass text thread? Right. If you don’t know someone, it’s just a generic white-on-grey person icon, otherwise there’s a letter or a photo if you’ve saved the contact information. I just assumed there was one photo (bria) and a couple generic person icon bubbles. But there was a letter.

Thus, I learned that one of my coworkers is Bria’s cousins and I’m anxious as all hell. I have no history of texts with her, no emails I can see, no communications at all. I mean, I’m generally more or less courteous at work, but what if I had a bad day and was an asshole to this woman? Oh, man. And I don’t remember anything – depression compounded by a year of COVID shut-down does that to a person.

Well, if there’s anything I need to fess up to, I’m sure truth will out (yes, I am the type of person that is bothered knowing there are people out in the world, who I can’t control or directly influence, that hate me).

Small world yields funny stories.
It’s what I live for.


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