Slice of Life

The World Caught Fire Again, That’s My Bad

I broke the pandemic isolation and the world caught fire.*

Like three times this month.

Honestly, I’m not sorry. I’ve done very well for a whole year, and I was starting to go seriously batty without some sort of stimulation from the outside world. I’ve told myself that once it’s out of my system, I’ll return to doing all the right pandemic things I’m supposed to be doing.

But damn, did it feel good.

I’ve also gotten significantly closer to Bria. The three of us, my brother included, have gone out the past two weekends, and it’s been really great. They’re so funny together, and Bria’s definitely opened up more.

At one point, we sat there quoting Talladega Knights for like 20 minutes straight. Shocking as the actor who played the 10-year old Walker Bobby, Houston Tumlin, committed suicide just four days later. It’s just a testament to how we as a culture need to embrace PTSD as a real phenomenon and make generous opportunities for veterans to get the help they need. 28 years old. Goddamn.

Not to mention March 16, eight people were shot in Georgia – leaving six dead and two injured from someone having “a bad day.” This deserves its own rant post.

Most recently, a tornado came through East Nashville and Smyrna. I’ve never, in all my twenty-nine years of life in Tennessee have ever known tornados to cause so much damage two years in a row. They happen in small pockets to my recollection, but never back to back like this. I may be wrong, my childhood was a thing I don’t much remember, but it looks apocalyptic to me.

The moral of the story: stay inside, never go out, keep everyone safe. As for me and mine, we need to repent our decisions the past two week.

Butterfly effect.

*I am not so small minded or selfish to think I had any real cause in the terror that’s befallen the aforementioned people/groups. I simply mean to underline that life absolutely sucks and is a goddamn circus carnival.

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