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FFS: March Madness Haul

To my shame and to me credit, I take spring shopping very seriously. Unfortunately, this will be the second spring in a row that I don’t get to really show anything off, huh? Welcome to Pandemic Live 2021: it’s casual, it’s familiar, it’s a’ight.

No, it flippin sucks. After a solid year, I’m incredible restless. My mental health, physical health, and work ethic has taken a whopping toll. So, I shop… what better good could I be doing as I stay quarantined in a failing capitalist economy? Finally. My retail therapy is helping someone other than just myself!

This is me, trying to convince myself and others that buyer’s remorse is for wimps and I’ll somehow be able to pay off the credit cards in a couple months without issue. While, y’know, my employment status is genuinely teetering on the tight wire that is mental/emotional stability. The good news is that nearly 90% of the things I ordered are going back (I’m very picky), so that’ll alleviate the majority of my credit card woes.

Gotdang, I’m dramatic!

The haul this year came from the same sources as last, all the classic fat fab outlets, as well as two new online stores Boohoo and Shein (review here). Ooh, can we coin this term? I’m 100% coining this if someone else hasn’t claimed it already.

Lane Bryant – Best for basics, classic cuts and classic materials, sturdy and versatile, more subtle colors and patterns
Hottopic – Punk rock flavor, trendy cuts, classic materials, sturdy and fun, great prints with license options for “personality”
Cato – this is Lane Bryant’s extroverted sister, also their shoes are great
Torrid – Hottopic’s “big boned” sister; a little quieter than Hottopic, but the items are versatile with classic cuts and fabric, with just as many licensed options, their shoes are great
DSW – what can I say, I have 99 problems and one of them’s shoes; brilliant store with absolute quality product
Coach – I hate myself a little for buying coach, but the color was too good to pass up. and honestly, the material is good, so now I’m thinking my anti-Coach “thing” may’ve been ill-founded.

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