D&D, The Daleland Ashes

The Daleland Ashes Debut

I am a virgin.

A D&D virgin, I mean. For however much I’ve waited and wanted to play D&D, to DM and whatnot, it’s just not happened for me yet. I’ve been waiting for so, so long to lose my virginity. Jesus, I didn’t even have this much hang up over my actual virginity. This is so sad. So sad and so geeky.

I won’t retell how much I’ve studied for this or complain about how I’m still just bumbling around in the world with no one to play with. It’s in the works, so I’m cool with it. I learn more every day, and it’s been great fun (despite sometimes having a mean brain).

That being said, my brother has greatly encouraged me to start writing a campaign of my own. He’s got more faith in me than anyone else, and by the gods I’m going to deliver, if not just for his sake.

Introducing: The Daleland Ashes

It’s a Forgotten Realms story that I’m slowly piecing together, with no way of knowing if it’ll ever see the light of play. Obviously, one can’t predict everything a party might do, but I can at least lay the foundations akin to the pre-written adventures masters and amateurs alike have put out into the world. So this is it’s debut?

I would greatly love any feedback, even those that don’t much care for D&D, at its core, it’s a creative writing assignment.

Guess the site will need a new category. I appreciate the blogs I follow that catalogue their campaigns separately, so I’ll follow suit.

Some Story Elements:
Piratey sidequests (may become main storyline?)
The gods
Gooey love story
Chaotic physical realm with nature running rampant

Primarily, the story focuses on a story-specific homebrew god, but then I myself got sidetracked with the side-quests. So now there’s pirates involved. Guys, this is infinitely harder than I thought it would be… I want to travel around in the Forgotten Realms, too, dammit!

While I’m writing this as a playable campaign, most of the writings I see published on folk’s blogs are written as legitimate stories. So the episodes may change wildly. I can’t predict the future.

Fun fact: the banner with rainbow space dogs with a donut obsession is the pattern on the 3-ring binder I’m using to hold all the campaign notes/writings. It’s freaking hilarious.


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