Slice of Life, Sunday Sundries

Sunday Sundries – 5/2/21

Acknowledging it’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve written a Sundries post, I’m not going to back track. I’ll post stories as they come up since… I now have some true freedom on my hands. I genuinely look forward to getting back writing and reflecting regularly.

I’m going to figure out a genuine routine for working out. I’m thinking 3-4 times a week with rest days in between. Returning to the gym also means I need to re-calibrate: I no longer know what my maxes are, so I’m starting back at square one. I’ve reached out to my brother and maybe we’ll get to spend a few hours together at the gym and figure that out once again. We had a lot of fun last year planning out the workout routines, so I’m hoping he’ll be just as into it this time around.

I have to genuinely soul search and grasp this unique opportunity by the reins. I’m not going to squander this time – this time is an investment in who I am presently and where I want to be in the immediate future. I’m stoked beyond words right now. I haven’t felt this unadulterated freedom since high school graduation (False: due to the 2010 flood, a few of us had to take a make-up AP exam the day after graduation. So the true statement would be “I haven’t felt this unadulterated freedom since my last AP exam)!

Yes, yes, my suspicions came true. I’ve finally been Fired. Let go. Terminated. But… with severance!

The money will definitely help me as I set my goals and begin applying, but it won’t last forever. And I definitely ain’t cut out to be a housewife (do I need to be married for that occupation to apply? Can a person be single, work from their home, and still be a homemaker? Aha! That’s the word for it)!

Mental Health
Since Tuesday, April 27, I’ve been drunk off my stool three times. I don’t think it’s healthy, but it’s not totally unhealthy.

This is going to be a fun topic (or rather: non-topic) for the foreseeable future as I can’t think of a single reason a functioning human being within my age group would consider honestly dating an unemployed person for their age group. I mean, I wouldn’t.

On the other hand, I haven’t dated anyone since November 2019, so the status will quo. The needle isn’t going to move. In fact, it’s going to point inward and stay that way until I’m done being selfish. I have no time cap on this.

This is exacerbated by the fact my text-stalker cropped up again this week. Ugh. I don’t trust people anymore, and this is a large part of why. More on that later, but it makes meeting new people all the more difficult.

Honestly, I’ve been doing so much “yes man” -ing and self-loathing couch hibernation I haven’t gotten around to reading all that much.

I’ve also recently turned more towards magazine publications and news articles. The main topic of focus is the American conversation and how our Democracy has crash landed. I believe we are currently in the over-land slide. How long until we finally stop and implode? That’s what I’m working to figure out.

I also bought Robin by Dave Itzkoff. I’ve had this biography in my TBR pile for two years now and haven’t been able to bring myself to start it. A physical copy might help. I mean, if I’m going to cry over this book, I’m going to literally cry over this book.

Family News
I’ve spent a significant amount of time with my dad this week (drinking and swapping stories). I’ve come to the incredible realization that he’s got one hell of a story and it needs to be documented. I’m now trying to figure out how to write his biography. So… that’s hella different.

I tried to adopt my brother’s cat. It 478% did not work out and he had to take the cat back. I thought Ami was going to gain a new BFF, but instead I just gained some new scars. HA

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