First and foremost, Mal is not a professional. She’s not a professional artist, or comedian, or writer. Hell, she’s probably not even good at any of those things, but bless her heart, she’s trying.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee she graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, with a Bachelor’s in History. She learned a love for research and synthesizing information, and also possesses a strong interest in philosophy, literature, and all things comic books.

Mallory is back in Nashville, where she works and sleeps and that is about all, thanks to COVID. She’s learning how to live with a cat, and it’s okay to pity her from time to time.

This blog is updated at least once a week, unless depression takes over.

What’s this blog about?
Mostly, this blog is about personal expressions of my lived experiences as an awkward fat girl and being a soft-boiled Millennial in a hard boiled world. If you’re looking for existential dread and the daily feeling of “just not good enough,” I’m you’re gal! If it’s irony you’re looking for, here it is, my guy. My life is stupid, and it’s the best joke I can tell you.

While I’m exploring the idea of a semi-public pseudo-diary, I’m also exploring blogging as a creative writing outlet. Needless to say, it’s an on-going project and I’m finding more and more ways to use this blog.

Topics of Interest:
Dungeons and Dragons
Fashion (goth/punk/90s)
Slices of Life (dating, family, thoughts)
Reading reviews

Welcome to my little slices of life; I hope you’ll interact with me and set me straight whenever I need it. Let’s assume it’s always NSFW that way we don’t find ourselves unexpectedly embarrassed, okay?


Contact Info:
PokemonGo: MimikyutiePie32
(0629 8327 6757)
Email: mimikyutiepie32@gmail.com