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The World Caught Fire Again, That’s My Bad

I broke the pandemic isolation and the world caught fire.* Like three times this month. Honestly, I’m not sorry. I’ve done very well for a whole year, and I was starting to go seriously batty without some sort of stimulation from the outside world. I’ve told myself that once it’s out of my system, I’ll… Continue reading The World Caught Fire Again, That’s My Bad

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My Version of March Madness

For three years running, I’ve had my own little version of “March Madness.” In truth, I only know about this alliteration because I lived in Memphis for a long while. Otherwise: “Yay, SPORTSBALL!” March Madness to me involves loads of shopping. I don’t know why – maybe it’s because spring clothes are the funnest clothes?… Continue reading My Version of March Madness

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If I Get Fired, That Would Suck.

So it’s been a while. Should we address it? Probably. But honest to god, I’m tired of complaining. Suffice it to say my job and my boss are wearing me down. In fact, I’ve been so low the past several weeks I’ve stopped everything – stopped reading, stopped writing, stopped studying, and just about stopped… Continue reading If I Get Fired, That Would Suck.