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If I Get Fired, That Would Suck.

So it’s been a while. Should we address it? Probably. But honest to god, I’m tired of complaining. Suffice it to say my job and my boss are wearing me down. In fact, I’ve been so low the past several weeks I’ve stopped everything – stopped reading, stopped writing, stopped studying, and just about stopped… Continue reading If I Get Fired, That Would Suck.

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Sunday Sundries – 2/21/21

This week's catch-all.

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It Was the Best Valentine’s, It Was the Worst Valentine’s

To tell you the stories of my best Valentine’s Day and the worst Valentine’s Day, I only have to tell a single story. Something worth noting here is yes, it’s pathetic but no, I harbor no ill feelings. I told this story in person today and watched her physically cringe over facetime, so I know… Continue reading It Was the Best Valentine’s, It Was the Worst Valentine’s

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Seneca’s Stoicism

Let me say one thing before we get all up in arms: I’m not here to glorify or romanticize suicide. Now, please continue: On Albigensia Press, a blog I follow (and recommend), his post "Inspiration in the Midst of Darkness" sparked an interesting comment section and I’d like to take the time to elaborate (probably in… Continue reading Seneca’s Stoicism