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The World Caught Fire Again, That’s My Bad

I broke the pandemic isolation and the world caught fire.* Like three times this month. Honestly, I’m not sorry. I’ve done very well for a whole year, and I was starting to go seriously batty without some sort of stimulation from the outside world. I’ve told myself that once it’s out of my system, I’ll… Continue reading The World Caught Fire Again, That’s My Bad

Slice of Life

2020 List of Firsts

"there's a first time for everything"


Con of Thrones 2019 – Nashville

Game of Thrones is not only a cultural phenomenon, it's an amazing work of Fantasy. In fact, I've been on board since season 1 and it's genuinely changed me. It sounds so stupid, but I can accept that. Never have I seen this depth of character on screen or in print, and it's intoxicating (I'm… Continue reading Con of Thrones 2019 – Nashville