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Small World, Funny Stories

I’m so happy to be a bride’s maid for Bria and be involved in my brother’s wedding. Honestly, it was a rocky road getting here. At one point, I had to flat-out ask him if he even wanted me there. Long story, dramatic, two years ago, not so relevant anymore. Anyways, as the months are… Continue reading Small World, Funny Stories

Slice of Life, Sunday Sundries

Sunday Sundries – 2/21/21

This week's catch-all.

Slice of Life

Blog Update and Setting a Routine

A blog is a living thing for the most part. I mean, it grows as you grow, it shares emotions and experiences as you share, and it changes as you change. I realized in the past two weeks how much blogging really does help me. It affords me a space to not only get ideas/emotions… Continue reading Blog Update and Setting a Routine

Slice of Life

Family Dinner is a Sacred Space

Growing up, dinner time was a time of togetherness. During the days of landlines, one of us would pick up the phone, take note of the caller, and politely tell them so-and-so would call them back, but I’m sorry, we’re having dinner right now. There was no background TV. There was only family and guests… Continue reading Family Dinner is a Sacred Space